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An Approach to Truck Driving Hiring
Every trucking company knows that the moment they hand the keys to their truck driver, it is essential that they are entrusting their fleet to a reliable driver. Road safety is the utmost priority of trucking companies, and one of the important factors to consider in achieving this goal is to hire responsible truck drivers. In the midst of a truck driver shortage, companies in the trucking industries face the challenge of how to hire reliable truck drivers without risking not being able to hire at all when none seems to be the ideal candidate for the job. Here are…
The Best Practices in Fleet Management
  Fleet management consists of working with the right staff and workers who have the appropriate qualifications and can exercise diverse tasks and job responsibilities. Important aspects of freight transportation services include vehicle disposal, repair and acquisition, and following pertinent laws and regulations. Observing the best practices in fleet management can bring a significant difference in improving your fleet transactions and operations. Long-range fleet management outlook A sound fleet-management plan consists of long-term business strategic planning in terms of vehicle purchase, maintenance and disposal. One of the considerations for managing your fleet is determining the financial system to apply regarding…