An Approach to Truck Driving Hiring

An Approach to Truck Driving Hiring

Every trucking company knows that the moment they hand the keys to their truck driver, it is essential that they are entrusting their fleet to a reliable driver. Road safety is the utmost priority of trucking companies, and one of the important factors to consider in achieving this goal is to hire responsible truck drivers. In the midst of a truck driver shortage, companies in the trucking industries face the challenge of how to hire reliable truck drivers without risking not being able to hire at all when none seems to be the ideal candidate for the job. Here are some of the best practices in truck driving hiring that will help you sort through the best candidates for your fleet.

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Establish a hiring policy for your trucking company

A hiring policy will bring the recruitment and hiring process of your company in order. One of the important considerations when hiring truck drivers is being able to comply with the rules and regulation of the Department of Transportation. This means that you should know the specific qualifications required by the law from truck drivers who will be driving hauling trailers or trucks carrying equipment of over 10,000 pound threshold, for instance. By establishing a hiring policy for your fleet, you will be able to recruit only qualified truck drivers that help you save time and effort during the recruitment process. Make sure to keep a file on each driver, taking notes of their driving record, medical records, road test certificates, experiences and annual driving review.

A hiring policy will also dictate you on how to formally conduct the interview. It will reflect your business as professional and one that comply with employment regulations. A formal hiring process will easily lure professional truck drivers by giving them the impression that your trucking business is one that is organized and professional in its dealing with employees.

Doing the interview process

The interview process gives you the opportunity of getting the applicant on a more personal note. It is essential to ask important questions about the applicant’s driving history, accidents, traffic violations and suspension. Couple this with a validation process to ensure that the truck driver gave you an honest answer. Make sure to let the applicant talk about the importance of avoiding road accidents and safe driving to gauge their commitment in driving your fleet to safety. It is important to look for signs regarding the applicant’s behaviour about responsible driving and accountability. After the interview, conduct a background check to confirm the data and information provided by the applicant.

Advertise your job opening through various media

In order to find the best hire, you should get a variety of job applicants. This will give you more options to hire truck drivers for your quality carriers. Promoting your job opening on the newspaper and television is a good option to attract more applicants, but there are other means to recruit varieties of applicants like in trucking events and professional driving schools. In your brochure, advertise the benefits of truck drivers when hired by your organization in order to attract the best talents in the industry.

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Truck drivers are the asset of your business. Hiring the right person is crucial to bring out the greatest advantage from your transportation solutions being offered to the public.

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