Atlanta Truck Driving Jobs

Atlanta Truck Driving Jobs

Atlanta Truck Driving Jobs are currently in demand in Georgia because of the rising need for statewide transportation solutions. With about 1200 miles of interstate highways in Georgia connecting it to the other states within the region and across the nation, the transportation industry is marked as a valuable partner in the economic trading and industrial growth of the state. Trucking companies thus have become important economic partners in growing the business trade from one state to another in Atlanta GA. This demand in the trucking industry allows Ready Trucking to provide better career opportunities to truck drivers.

Trucking Driver’s Careers

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The trucking industry and career opportunities for truck drivers

The truck transportation industry involves the delivery of services consisting of over-the-road transportation vehicles with the services divided into general and specialized freight trucking. According to the North American Industry Classification System, the major differences between the two trucking services falls on the equipment used for the service as well as the terminal, the type of load carried, work scheduling and network services. Specialized freight transportation services use special equipment owing to the differences in the transportation of the cargo requirement that may vary in weight, size and shape. Thus, a high level of experience is required among truck drivers who pursue a career in this area of trucking jobs. Trucking companies usually vary in their transportation solutions and the attributes of the career opportunities available for truck drivers. Reputable Atlanta trucking companies like Ready Trucking can offer truck drivers a variety of work experience as well as varying levels of compensation rates and privilege opportunities.

Truck Driver’s Job Opportunities

According to the American Bureau of Statistics, there is a growing shortage of truck drivers in the United States. After the recession, the need for freight services is back once more and it continues to rise in 2014 with the export industry getting back on its feet once again. In this growing economy in the field of the trucking business, many job opportunities are made available to truck drivers. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) reported that currently there are about 25,000 unfilled trucks driving positions available. If you want to pursue a professional truck driving career, now is the best time to take action and find a job from the many trucking companies in dire need for truck driver services and are willing to provide competitive compensation and benefits.

Getting qualified for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in Atlanta 

Trucking Driver’s Careers

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While trucking companies are in need for truck drivers, getting qualified for employment will require you to get a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL. This is a licensing requirement in the United States before you can drive and operate a vehicle used for commercial purposes weighing 26,000 lbs or more. The issuance of the CDL is regulated by the Department of Transportation with the purpose of ensuring the transportation system and highway safety. Getting the license will provide trucking companies the assurance that you are skilled in handling tractor trailers, vans and other commercial motor vehicles used for transportation in the trucking business.

To apply for the CDL, it is necessary that you are at the legal age of 18 years and older. Truck drivers between the age of 18 and 21 years old are only allowed to operate commercial vehicles within Atlanta GA’s boundaries. The restriction is lifted upon reaching the age of 22. The application process for a CDL in Atlanta involves taking a written test and an on-road test for the purpose of testing your driving knowledge and skills respectively. You can pass the test better once you have undertaken a formal commercial driving training course. Truck drivers can have a promising career in the trucking industry if they have undergone more professional training as a commercial motor vehicle driver with a duly issued Commercial Driver’s License for better qualifications. Lastly, it is important to have a clean driving record and no felony charges to give trucking companies the peice of mind that you are a safe trucker.

Improve your lifestyle with better trucking driver’s careers and income opportunities

Because of the growing demands for quality truck drivers in the United States, the income and career opportunities for truck drivers are promising. On the average, truck drivers can earn an annual salary between $42,000 and $50,000 per year. However, it is possible for Ready Truck drivers to earn much more than average which is a competitive income opportunity. In addition, Ready has a  to a generous sign up bonus, referral programs and employee benefits to qualified drivers. Finally, it is best to get employed with Ready Trucking since they have the ability to provide more miles to drive which translates into higher income weekly earning so you have more flexible time to spend with your family.

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If you want to experience a more professional career opportunities with Ready Trucking, drive for them now and begin exploring every opportunity for income benefit, professional experience of driving advanced trucking fleet, operate modern equipment and facility while working on a safe and friendly environment.

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