About Ready Trucking Atlanta

Ready Trucking’s mission is to employ and empower people to become thought leaders within the Ready organization as well as in the industry by driving internal efficiencies to create value within our customers’ supply chain with safety being the most important aspect of our business. Since 1968, Ready Trucking has developed and maintained customer relationships lasting 15+ years while maintaining above average CSA safety scores and delivering superior service. Ready Trucking is a privately held family owned business with the ability to customize solutions to exceed customer expectations. Ready continues to invest in innovation by investing in people and technology.

Our History

Ready Trucking began operating as a local cartage company in Metro Atlanta in 1968. In response to drastic deregulation by the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, President Don Dougherty regionalized service offerings to diversify Ready Trucking’s customer base. This transition allowed Ready Trucking to maintain steady growth from 1980 to 2006 with Andy Dougherty, second generation, as Vice President.

About Ready Trucking

Andy demonstrated an ability to adapt and adjust to a downturn in economic and industry conditions while maintaining profitability through these years and was therefore promoted to President by his father in 2013. Andy Dougherty continues to lead Ready Trucking with the same founding principles of integrity and responsible corporate governance


  • First Class Customer Service
  • Employees as Partners
  • Efficiency via Technology
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I have been dealing with Ready Trucking and their top-notch staff for over a year…
Sharon Charles
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WinCup has been in a partnership with Ready Trucking for about a year or so.…
Dale Falk-New WinCup Holdings
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