The Best Practices in Fleet Management

The Best Practices in Fleet Management


Fleet management consists of working with the right staff and workers who have the appropriate qualifications and can exercise diverse tasks and job responsibilities. Important aspects of freight transportation services include vehicle disposal, repair and acquisition, and following pertinent laws and regulations. Observing the best practices in fleet management can bring a significant difference in improving your fleet transactions and operations.

Long-range fleet management outlook

A sound fleet-management plan consists of long-term business strategic planning in terms of vehicle purchase, maintenance and disposal. One of the considerations for managing your fleet is determining the financial system to apply regarding fleet maintenance, repair and replacement of vehicles. Important aspects of your fleet management program should include the following:

  • Setting up a database inventory

This approach in fleet management will allow you to maintain an inventory system that will help you track which trucks are serviceable or non-serviceable. This will help your trucking company identify high-cost vehicles and frame reports that meet regulatory compliance. The inventory will also help identify replacements needed for your vehicles.

  • Observe vehicle replacement cycles

Diligently observing proper vehicle replacement cycles will help trucking companies ensure safety and minimize maintenance costs. A life cycle analysis is performed in order to determine the appropriate vehicle replacement cycle. Factors under consideration include overhead value, resale value, fuel consumption, truck maintenance and vehicle depreciation. This process will help promote efficient fuel consumption and performance of your fleet.

Develop relationships and networking

Relationship building for trucking companies should not be confined to developing internal relationships with staff and employees, but must include external relationships with suppliers, leasing companies and your clients. This approach in fleet management helps your organization establish sustainability and credible work relationships that sustain your company’s reputation and business integrity. Engaging the stakeholders of your trucking business can help you improve and deliver high-quality transportation solutions in the market. Experts in the trucking industry recommend conducting regular fleet-feedback sessions, and invite suppliers and internal representatives to a dialogue to create a feedback loop on how to improve your fleet operation. This approach will also help you engage the skills and professional expertise of others engaged in the same business, boosting your ability to establish a stable fleet management system.

Adhere to industry regulations

High-quality carriers always adhere to the industry standards and regulations. They ensure that their business is compliant with the market standards and industry requirements. In order to comply with the numerous federal and state policies on fleet management, you must consider the following checklist regarding the appropriate areas of your fleet operation to review if they are to adhere to laws and regulations:

  • Vehicle emissions
  • Consumption of fuel
  • Licensing and skills requirements
  • Utilization
  • Monitoring of drivers
  • Vehicles that use alternative fuels

Keep in mind that industry regulations constantly change. Make sure to keep abreast about the changing requirements of federal or state wide regulations.

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