Tips for a Successful Truck-Driving Career

A truck-driving career is one of the most challenging, yet well-compensated, jobs around. Trucking companies are willing to pay their truck drivers generously, considering that they are company assets and valuable for their transportation services. Becoming a truck driver can become rewarding if you spend more driving hours a week. A new entry-level truck driver in Atlanta with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) can earn between $20,000 and $30,000 annually, depending upon the trucking company where one becomes employed. Many truck drivers anticipate advancing their truck-driving career to become among the senior CDL truck drivers, who can potentially earn between $90,000 and $103,000. If you find this an appealing job prospect, there are things that can help you to build a successful truck-driving career.

Build your credentials

Building your credentials is important when applying to trucking companies. Your initial step would be to enroll in a truck driving school and then obtain a CDL from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Trying to learn driving a truck on your own and attempting to pass the test from DMV is a bad idea because your training is probably not rigorous enough to meet the standards required by reputable trucking companies. Some trucking companies, although rare, are hiring truck drivers and sponsor their CDL training. However, finding a private CDL school to obtain formal truck-driving training is your best option to make yourself qualified and get hired.

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Qualify your standards as a professional truck driver

Trucking companies are very generous in rewarding highly qualified truck drivers who observe professionalism when performing their job. While you are employed, make sure to show exemplary performance by showing diligence in your job performance. Take as much load as possible, and be willing to spend long hours driving on the road with a serious commitment to rendering professional truck-driving services. The first years of your truck driving career are perhaps the most challenging. Make sure to learn how to work under pressure, and you will certainly find yourself rewarded with the opportunity of getting a raise and receiving better work schedules. Seasoned professional truck drivers find job security in their career as a truck driver. They attain this status owing to their dedicated service and professionalism when performing their job.

Get acquainted with the trucking company you intend to work for

There are differences in terms of the salary offered by trucking companies, including the benefits and type of truck-driving jobs available for their employees. If you think that you are amenable to the trucking company’s policies and administration system, you might as well proceed in applying. However, there is no point in applying for a trucking job that does not fit your qualifications or one that you are likely to quit. Changing from one employer to another is not good for your credentials. This can give future trucking companies the impression that you are not good at your job, or that no trucking companies are serious enough to keep you for long-term employment. Instead of transferring from one employer to another, learn to become flexible and the skills required from one division of the trucking company. This can add up in your experience and will show your dedication and commitment to your employer.

Upgrade your truck-driving career

Getting a CDL is not enough to ensure a stable and successful truck-driving career. Gain more experience by exploring various areas of the trucking services of your employer, and obtain an over-the-road (OTR) credential to upgrade your qualifications and pay as a professional truck driver.

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Trucking Business Guide to Success

How your trucking business operates defines your success

Every trucking business needs to hire reliable and qualified truck drivers to meet the demands of their transportation services. It is best to exercise more thorough fleet management and control of your team of employees rather than sub-contracting truck drivers from another company that has full control over them instead of you. You are better off in building a quality carrier if you have your own private truck drivers as employees instead of hiring a sub-contractor to supply your trucking company with the employees you need. Your business will yield more profits by offering trucking jobs for committed employees who are willing to give their loyalty to your business and become a part of its growth.

Support professional development of your truck drivers

Sending your truck drivers for over-the-road (OTR) training will further increase their skills, qualifications and training that can benefit your trucking company. Truck drivers are assets to your business, and the quality of their performance over the road will help your business yield more profitable success, especially in its operation and meeting your customers’ expectations. Helping your truck drivers overcome the challenges in performing their jobs while developing professionalism and skills in driving trucks is like uplifting your own business success to a higher level.

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Capitalize on the right trucking equipment

Because your business is providing transportation solutions for your customers, it is necessary that your business is fit to deliver on their expectations. Getting the right equipment is required if you want to improve the efficiency of your fleet services and operational turnover. Moreover, you can also apply a green supply chain in order to enhance the efficiency of your trucking operations without yielding too much in the costly fleet management process. Many Atlanta trucking companies employ a green supply chain and logistics in order to enhance fuel efficiency and manage their operational costs better while maintaining a business that is friendly to the environment.

Buying your own equipment is far better than leasing them from another company. As your fleet grows in number, the demands for your transportation services will likely build up, and you can cope with the maintenance costs more conveniently by keeping your own equipment in your headquarters. This will help you save the monthly fees for renting trucking equipment, and your truck drivers will have better access and control on maximizing their use for maintaining your fleet in good running condition.

Manage and control your business expenses

Gaining control of your business expenses can help you grow higher profits. With the growing demands of your business, you are likely to be confronted with higher maintenance costs and mileage to pay your employees. Keeping track of your expenses can be difficult. Hiring the expertise of an accountant to handle your business expenses can be very helpful, while searching for potential alternatives to make your operational performance more cost-effective is a must. Using logistics and modern applications to manage fuel consumption is becoming a trend in the trucking industry, where your trucking business can save significantly on fuel costs and reduce the mileage on truck routes by using GPS technology to find the closest route for your fleet to reach its destinations. Logistics and technology can play a crucial role for better fleet management and in exercising better control of your business performance.

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Truck Driving with Green Technology

Modern technology is emerging in transportation solutions, and trucking companies are finding more options in improving the efficiency of their trucking services. There is a growing number of freight-hauling trucks needed on the road, which in turn increases the number of employment opportunities for truck driving. Trucking operators are also concerned with enhancing the efficiency of their transportation services as truck drivers demand an increase in hourly pay, and the cost of fuel spent on trucking hauls over thousands of miles adds up. That is why trucking technology is considered to be a major help in promoting truck driving efficiency and fuel conservation that promotes green technology.

Promoting green technology using GPS data

By analyzing the movement of vehicles through space and time using the Global Position System, or GPS, fleet management has been improved. The GPS is known for its accurate ability to identify the exact location of a truck based on a set of time intervals. By incorporating GPS technology, trucking companies have an improved ability for real-time computation of their vehicles’ travel times and routes. Trucking companies in Atlanta are using GPS technology in order to measure the distance that their fleet will travel and then use this data to develop a more efficient fuel-management process. Many trucking companies were reportedly successful in reducing the fuel consumption of their heavy-duty diesel trucks by about 3.5 percent.

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Fuel-purchasing-optimization software

With the prevailing fuel-price hikes, trucking companies need to look for a solution that will allow them to conserve fuel costs and usage. Fuel-optimization software has emerged to give trucking companies one potential solution by helping them reduce diesel consumption and cost per gallon, while reducing the out-of-route distance or mileage by 25 percent. Into their fleet-management systems, trucking companies may integrate smart tools like a software or application technology that monitors fuel consumption and usage, which can produce a green effect in the environment because less fuel is used in the trucking operation. This type of green technology has helped many trucking companies enhance their fuel-consumption efficiency and allows their business to become environmentally friendly.

Using diesel for fuel efficiency

Diesel is at the forefront in the type of engine fuel used by trucking companies. Diesel has an ultra-low sulphur content that cuts down the emissions of soot from major vehicles like trucks by 10 percent. The process of sulphur removal equates to the removal of lead from gasoline, so it promotes a cleaner and greener environment. Diesel uses energy-rich properties and with high-energy density that gives more power per gallon than other types of fuels. The use of diesel has become a central part of the modern clean-diesel system that meets the zero-emission standards. The less sulphur content that is burned by vehicles, the less pollution there is in the environment. Introducing this fuel system in the trucking industry can help promote a greener environment.

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What is Trucking Logistics?

Applying trucking logistics in your business can yield promising results in your trucking operations. Trucking revenues increase as your operational system improves. The concept of trucking logistics is mainly framed to improve research and management systems in order to enhance trucking operations in the long term. Your transportation solutions and freight management systems will improve, with maximum results seen in your business profitability and service efficiency.

The benefits of trucking logistics

The major concerns of trucking logistics are to enhance the productivity of your business and increase the efficiency of your services. The process may involve defining the optimal fuel types for your fleet, identifying the most efficient routes for your fleet to follow to ensure timely delivery of your customer’s goods, and finding the best type of truck to address the demands of a particular trucking service that your clients need. You can also use trucking logistics to empower your truck drivers to become more efficient while on the job, such as improving the communication line between your truck drivers and their handlers.

Trucking logistics use research and analysis to define certain needs of your business and how to address them more efficiently. It can study every aspect of your business and analyze what can be improved and how to enhance your trucking operations. Because trucking services are the main transportation solution for circulating goods across states, the use of trucking logistics is necessary in order to equip your business with modern technology that can enhance its performance and to meet the growing demands for trucking services from major industrial and retail sectors. Trucking logistic analysts can help define which unnecessary expenditures you can possibly eliminate and which areas of your business operation need to upgrade their service systems for better productivity and accuracy.

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Using trucking logistics technology

Because of rising competition among trucking companies, you need to enhance the efficiency of your transportation services to gain more clients that can trust the reliability of your services. There are high volumes of goods that need to be transported across states, and your dry-van carriers need to use logistics in order to find the shortest route with the least traffic congestion to reach their target destinations on time.

Trucking logistics can enhance the communication system of your trucking operations. Dispatching truck drivers who are nearer to the location of a customer with an urgent request to transport their goods immediately will require good communication between your headquarters and truck drivers in the field. Modern logistics technology can make communication easy, and you can easily deploy your fleet by tracking down their routes and guiding them toward which route offers the shortest way to their destination.

An efficient transportation service will earn more satisfied customers. The use of tracking software is empirical if you want to boost your freight transportation services. Trucking logistics can help you define which software will best address the unique needs and demands of your business by analyzing your business operation and determining what it takes to build a quality carrier service.

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The Steps to a Professional Truck-Driving Career

Building a career as a professional truck driver will require accomplishing certain steps in order to attain your goal. A truck-driving career can be promising, and the profession is something that one can enjoy because of its numerous employment benefits, promising salary and unique job experience. If you want to explore a career in this profession, you need to take the following steps to begin your journey as a professional truck driver.

  1. Enroll in a truck-driving school

Getting a high school diploma used to be enough to land a truck driving job, but with the fierce competition among trucking companies and the high regulatory standards imposed by the government to ensure road safety, you need to take further steps to build your truck-driving portfolio. Enrolling in a truck-driving school should be your primary concern. They can help you learn the basic and high-level skills for driving trucks and teach you important road safety measures. The benefits of getting a formal education in truck driving are that you can broaden your skills and knowledge from both classroom lectures and hands-on driving sessions.

Maneuvering and controlling large commercial vehicle requires the higher level of driving skills that professional driving schools will teach you. Accidents involving large commercial trucks can be catastrophic and devastating, thus truck drivers have a great responsibility when performing their jobs. Completing your education and training from a truck-driving school will help you build confidence and equip you with the skills required by trucking companies of their driver applicants. In fact, many trucking companies build a network or tie up with truck-driving schools where they hire their students for employment after the completion of their training.

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  1. Obtain a CDL license

In order to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you must pass the written examination and driving skills test that will be given by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of your state. The written examination will test your knowledge about the standard regulations and laws applicable to commercial truck driving. This knowledge test is then followed by a driving-skills test, where you drive the vehicle under the scrutiny of the examiner.

The DMV usually provides a commercial driver’s license handbook that you can study. Reading the material will help you pass the knowledge test. The test questions are taken from the handbook, and you can easily pass the knowledge test once you are able to read through them. Driving schools also provide lectures about everything you need to know in order to pass the knowledge test. Your hands-on driving lessons at a truck-driving school will also enable you to handle the driving skills test. Passing both the knowledge test and driving skills test will earn a CDL for you.

         3. Getting employment

You can now jump-start your professional truck driving career by applying to trucking companies. You can check with your driving school to see if they offer their students an employment-placement service to help them land a job immediately. As you start your employment, make sure to observe the highest standards of road safety and diligence in performing your job. Truck drivers with exceptional skills, dedication and a stellar road-safety record can easily earn a promotion and a raise from large trucking companies within a short period of time.

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How to Conquer the Challenge of Your First Truck-Driving Job

Building a truck-driving career can be challenging, especially during the first few months of being on the job. Truck drivers need to learn how to overcome the emotional, physical and mental challenges while performing their job. Truck driving is a unique career on its own because the demands are quite high and drivers are placed in situations where they need to tailor their lifestyle to suit their job schedules. If you are just beginning your own career in truck driving, you may find some difficulties the moment you start your first truck-driving job. While the stressful demands of pursuing trucking jobs in Atlanta can sometimes be overwhelming at first, you can possibly adapt to your work environment by learning to employ strategies that can help enhance your ability to overcome the challenges that truck drivers often encounter during their first truck-driving job.

The emotional challenges of truck-driving jobs

Truck drivers have a unique job of being away from home and mostly on the road travelling. Working as a truck driver entails changing your lifestyle to meet the demands of your job. Being away from your family and missing some important activities of your children can sometimes take a toll on some, especially when the career you are pursuing is to become an over-the-road driver who spends long hours driving on the highways. Finding yourself driving on a desolate highway can be lonesome, and you feel emotionally remorseful when you suddenly miss your family.

When you suddenly find yourself in this kind of situation, you can take a short stop and make a call to your family. A quick call asking how they are doing and hearing your children’s voices may be enough to regain both your energy and inspiration to work. This routine does the trick for most truck drivers who find themselves lonesome during their first truck-driving job.

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The physical challenges of truck driving

Trucking companies is Atlanta have an increasing demand for over-the-road drivers, especially when the demand for transportation solutions is increasing in the retail and industrial sectors. As a newly hired driver, you must understand that you have to work your way up to a higher position at the trucking company where you are working. Many trucking companies test the commitment of their entry-level drivers to render their services as their employees, and it is possible to find yourself working on bigger workloads, such as hauling goods that will require you not only to drive, but also to help in the physical transport of your truck load.

Long hours of sitting while driving can also take a toll on your health, especially when you have to travel longer distances.To overcome the physical challenge on your first truck-driving job, performing regular exercise can help you become physically fit. It is also important to take periodic stops while driving long distances to move and stretch your muscles and limbs. This will help improve the body’s circulatory system and prevent muscle stiffness.

The mental challenges of truck driving

Truck drivers need to be alert at all times when driving. How you control the truck, observing the proper traffic rules and ensuring driving safely on the highway, requires mental concentration and alertness. To keep the mind alert, it is important to get enough sleep. One of the perks of truck driving is being able to enjoy the view of the countryside, visit cities you have not been to before, and literally travel to various places. Enjoy the views that you see while driving to remove the feeling of boredom. Stop at a diner that you may pass along the highway to recharge your energy by eating something, or drink a cup of coffee to get a dose of mental alertness.

Being on your first truck-driving job can become overwhelming, but it is easy to adjust to the demands and nature of your work environment. Technology has made it easier for truck drivers to get connected with their loved ones no matter where they are. As you embrace the lifestyle of a truck driver, you will soon find yourself well-compensated, adjusted and able to enjoy your truck-driving career.

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Pursuing a Dry-Goods Trailer-Truck Driving Career

Pursuing a truck-driving job offers different areas to explore. Each type of truck-driving job entails distinct responsibilities. Driving a dry-goods trailer truck is one of these truck-driving job options that you can possibly explore. Your responsibilities revolve around driving a dry-van trailer to haul dry goods that are non-perishable. Dry-goods trailer trucks are perhaps among the most-common vehicles you see on the highways. Hauling dry goods on a trailer truck involves minimal physical stress unless you will be required to help with loading and unloading the goods. The job will usually require you to deliver the goods from one location to another. The job sounds easy, but there are some things that you need to know about a dry-goods trailer-truck driver career.

Getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL)

To be employed as a trailer-truck driver you must possess a commercial driver’s license. Atlanta trucking companies are very strict in requiring their truck drivers to have the license for employment. You can land a job as a dry-goods trailer-truck driver if you have a class A CDL. This type of driver’s license is required for interstate and intrastate tractor-trailer drivers and allows them to drive any vehicle combination with 26,0001 pounds or more GVWR, provided that the GVWR towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds. Most trucking companies prefer drivers who are able to obtain their class A CDL from truck-driving school because they are likely to have more professional training in a driving school and better truck-driving experience. To have a better chance of employment as a dry-goods trailer-truck driver, you can enhance your credential and portfolio by taking a short truck-driving course and obtaining a class A CDL.

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The job as a dry-goods trailer-truck driver

Your primary job is to drive a trailer truck to transport dry goods from point A to point B. The job often does not require the driver to help with loading and unloading the goods, but this depends upon the requirements of the trucking company. Driving a dry-goods trailer truck is usually the job given for first-level entry employment in a trucking company. The size of the trailer truck that you will drive varies, as are the types of goods to be hauled. It is important to ask your employer about this to manage your expectations and avoid surprises.

It is important to secure the loads of the trailer truck and observe road-driving safety standards at all times to help build a stellar truck-driver portfolio. The pay for a dry-van trailer-truck driver increases every year and mainly depends upon your expertise, good driving record and performance in the company. Some trucking companies in Atlanta offer their truck drivers additional training to upgrade their skills and have the opportunity to take higher-paying job responsibilities that will enhance their career as professional dry-goods trailer-truck drivers.

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What to Do in Case of a Road Emergency

Truck road emergencies are eventualities that should be expected to happen, and when they do, truck drivers should be prepared to handle the situation. Truck accidents are common and they usually occur due to causes that can be prevented. Trucks are large vehicles that can dominate the highway. Skilled truck drivers are needed in order to manage large fleets so as to prevent road accidents and other road emergencies. Here are some guidelines that can help you exercise the appropriate initiative about what to do in case a road emergency happens.

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Risk assessment and control

The risk identification process should begin with trucking company management. It is important to ensure that all fleets are in good running condition and to assess possible roadside work accidents. Truck drivers may require some formal training for a road emergency to enhance their skills in managing emergencies and mitigating serious injuries to persons and property. The best approach to road emergency is an individualized approach based on specific scenarios. Some of the road emergencies that could happen are preventable, making risk assessment and control very important. Among the best approaches in this aspect would be truck driver training, proper vehicle setup and enhanced communication processes.

What to do when your truck breaks down

A stalled truck on an open road can be dangerous. As much as possible, make sure to avoid stopping on a blind curve or in the middle of the road. If you can, continue driving at a safe speed in order to pull over to a safer place. Make sure to turn on the hazard lights. If you can, open the hood of the truck to show other traffic that your vehicle has stalled. Use warning devices for safety.

It is possible to lose power in your vehicle in the middle of the highway. When this happens, make sure to turn on the hazard lights in order to give warning to the other drivers on the road. When it is dark, turn on the headlight at low beam. Call for help immediately.

What to do during a winter storm

Being on the road in winter can expose you to the risk of road hazards and stalling. The weather has the ability to disable the vehicle power, heat and communication services. Moderate snow, strong winds and blizzards can impose driving hazards that may cause road truck accidents and emergencies. Trucking logistics come in very handy in predicting bad weather and can help the truck driver or dispatcher decide whether it is safe to be on the road under certain weather conditions. Under unpredictable weather, it is best to reschedule truck deliveries in the event of an upcoming storm.

Make sure to keep an emergency kit including such items as a shovel, flashlight, first aid kit, battery-powered radio, booster cables and emergency flares when travelling during winter season. Long-haul truck driving will usually require winterizing the vehicle by checking the truck’s antifreeze level, heater and defroster, fuel and oil filters, brakes, battery, ignition system, lights, thermostat and windshield wiper equipment.

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Upgrading Truck Driver Qualifications for Your Fleet

Trucking companies know that truck drivers are important assets of their businesses. Most of the Atlanta trucking companies understand that there is a growing need for highly skilled truck drivers these days. Their qualifications need to be in line with the highest standards in order to ensure that their company services are capable of delivering high-quality transportation solutions. Trucking companies understand that their fleets are not the only things that require an upgrade periodically. Truck drivers need to maintain their high-quality driving skills and, if possible, update them with the latest transportation technology to enhance their skills when on the road.

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The need for upgrading truck-driver skills

The trucking industry is playing an important role in the economic development of the nation. More companies need trucking transportation for their growing business, and truck technology also grows as newer logistics solutions are introduced into the market. Trucking owners understand that while their truck drivers have obtained the proper licenses for professional commercial driving, their basic driving training is not enough. It can be noted that many regional trucking companies are willing to offer employment for fresh graduates and those without any truck-driving experience these days. Keeping in mind the inadequate training in handling bigger fleets, trucking companies must take the initiative of upgrading their truck drivers’ skills to enhance their ability for freight management and maneuvering bigger trucks.

What types of training truck drivers need

In order to qualify for a driver’s license, one needs to enroll in a driving school and pass the test. Trucking companies usually tie up with reputable driving schools in the region in order to employ potential truck-driving graduates. They usually have an eye on students who are enrolled to develop a specific driving skill that is relevant to their transportation business. After employment, truck drivers may find themselves taking further training given by their employers. Most of the time, a Class A CDL training program is given to those who may be qualified in preparation for sending them on over-the-road jobs or to perform the responsibility of a regional or local commercial driver.

Basic driver’s training may not be commensurate with enhancing your skills for heavy-equipment driving. Thus, your employer may be willing to help you upgrade your driving skills to a higher standard level. The type of training that trucking companies may provide to their truck drivers will depend upon the needs of their business. More intensive training is required for tractor-trailer drivers, long-haul trucking, cargo trailer and trucks with heavy equipment.

Finding a truck-driver training school

Some trucking companies prefer to hire a private driving school for in-house training of their employees. The costs of hiring a truck-driving school to provide training will depend upon the kinds of skills to be taught. A Class A CDL license will cost a bit higher than the Class B or Class C CDL licenses. But upgrading the qualifications of your truck drivers is a worthy investment toward improving your transportation services and capitalizing on your workforce for better productivity and enhanced employee performance. You can choose from private or public truck-driving schools where you can enroll your truck drivers to upgrade their driving skills and training, or the company may take the initiative of providing a sponsored CDL training for their employees.

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Why Truck Driving Can be a Promising Career

Not everyone understands that truck driving can be a promising career. Many trucking companies in Atlanta are paying more for truck driver services these days. Aside from the crisis of the truck-driver shortage in past years, commercial trading in the United States has become a booming industry with tracking companies high in demand for their transportation services. In order to meet the growing trade and commerce needs in the United States, trucking companies need to employ more skilled truck drivers to meet the increasing demands for their services.

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Truck-driving options

The best thing about pursuing a truck-driving career is the fact that you don’t need to finish a degree to become a professional truck driver. The basic requirements are that you need to obtain your commercial driver’s license and have very good driving skills. Many successful drivers started from a simple job of driving small dry-van carriers and gradually upgraded their skills to be able to drive a tractor trailer and bigger vehicles. You can also pursue an employment for short-haul trucking if you do not want to be driving longer hours on the road.

There are a lot of options that a truck driver has in pursuit of a professional truck-driving career. Employment is not scarce and, in fact, truck drivers are quite in demand these days. It is easier to build a promising career in this field when you enroll in a reputable driving school that already has a linkage with trucking companies that guarantee employment to its students. Some trucking companies are willing to send their drivers to take further training in order to enhance their driving skills and to professionally grow in their field of work.

Benefits and income prospects

A truck driver’s pay is not cheap. Truck drivers enjoy a competitive compensation program that comes with loads of benefits, such a health insurance coverage, retirement benefits, performance-based bonuses, investment plans and other incentives on top of their basic pay. They are also protected by law to enjoy paid days off and are entitled to spend more time with their family.

Truck drivers may potentially earn an average of $71,500 in annual income. It can go higher if one takes jobs with long hours of driving plus bonuses. Over-the-road drivers tend to earn more because they spend long hours on the road — the kind of driving skills required when driving large trucks. Specialty drivers are also earning more because they haul oversized loads and transport hazardous materials.

Within the specialty field, ice-road truckers receive the highest pay because it is a high-risk job. Coal mine truckers are also earning higher paychecks. Oversize-load drivers also make a good, comfortable living. Large trucking companies offer a very competitive figure in compensating truck drivers based on their skills, experience and type of trucks driven. You can find many good-paying Atlanta trucking companies that are willing to offer a weekly or monthly pay basis. Truck driving can offer a comfortable life to those who are serious enough to pursue this career path.

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