Driving Safely on the Road – Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Driving Safely on the Road – Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are exposed to road hazards all the time. That’s why it is essential to keep road safety a priority at all costs. There are different types of road hazards that truck drivers will possibly encounter while on the job, including bad weather conditions, other motorists, wandering wildlife, among many others. Most of the time, road accidents occur when you least expect it. It is thus best to always focus your concentration on the road to mitigate potential risks and to be able to respond to any sign of danger quickly and diligently.

You will find many ways of avoiding road hazards, but there are important areas of truck-driving safety that are worth emphasizing to truck drivers. Here are some valuable points to consider when driving a truck, especially when you are operating a large rig or carrying heavy equipment or cargo on the highway or on long drives.

Be aware of the blind curves and spots

There are  so-called “truck no zones,” which are areas where motorists should not come nearby. These zones include behind the truck, behind the side mirrors and off to the side in front of the truck. The problem is, not all motorists know this. As a responsible truck driver, it is your responsibility to exercise the diligence of observing caution and be more attentive to these “truck no zones” for road safety. Before changing lanes or turning, double check these areas and keep your distance from other motorists before doing so.

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Blind curves are also road hazards, and truck drivers who are travelling to an area for the first time may not be aware of their presence. It is sometimes easy for even an attentive truck driver to miss an approaching blind curve. Some highways display a sign to warn motorists about the blind curve ahead and to make sure to slow down when approaching the curve. Transportation logistics are usually handy when it comes to tracking down a route because it makes the truck driver aware of the blind curve ahead while driving.

Truck maintenance

Road accidents are often caused by a stalled vehicle. Trucks are at a higher risk of road accidents when the tire blows or one loses a brake. Worse, the truck’s heavy cargo may break loose and cause injury to the other motorists. Make sure to conduct a thorough check of your truck before hitting the road, giving particular attention to the breaks, tires and securing the truck loads. Report any unusual observations prior to dispatch and refuse to drive the truck until you are certain it is in good driving condition. In case the truck stalls on the road, make sure to secure your truck and use flashers and emergency signs to warn other motorists.

Distance matters

Tailgating is dangerous, especially among big trucks, where it takes longer before the truck comes to a complete stop after stepping on the break. The bigger the rig, the more time it takes to stop a running truck. Make sure to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, and always follow the speed limit diligently. Moreover, observe the traffic flow ahead on the road. It is possible that there might be a wrecked or stalled vehicle directly ahead on the same lane or off the shoulder. Make sure to give ample distance between your truck and other vehicles to avoid an untoward incident that might occur beyond your control.

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