Dry Goods Demand In The Industry

Dry Goods Demand In The Industry

Dry goods are in high demand in the consumer product industry. Some of the most common dry goods include cloth and clothing items, paper-based products and solid-food goods without any liquid content. Dry goods belong to the group of consumer goods classified as non-durable because of their finite shelf life. However, unlike other goods, dry goods are known for their durability and efficiency in use as consumer products. There are several advantages for both the consumer and the distributor in purchasing these products. These qualities highlight dry goods as among the most practical and beneficial sets of consumer products available in the market today.

Shelf life of dry goods

Dry goods have the longest shelf life of non-durable consumer products. Provided they are kept in a stable environment, an average dry goods product retains a shelf life of three years before becoming inconsumable. Packet soup, coffee beans, instant noodles and powdered milk are all dry food goods that can outlast their liquid-based counterparts. The longer shelf life makes it easier and more ideal for display, at the same time, customers are less likely to doubt their quality level. Even the limit on shelf life provides an advantage by acting as a quality check and assuring that fresh products are always replacing the old ones.

More manageable storage

Dry goods are much easier to store than are other consumables such as liquid products. The non-food dry products do not call for any specific requirements in how they are stored. The dry food goods retain their quality in a medium temperature range, excluding extreme levels of heat or coldness. These products can be left exposed to a wider temperature range than other consumables, and customers can still be assured of their quality. In addition, most dry goods are much smaller than durable goods, making it easier to keep them in any type of storage environment. The easy storage of dry goods makes them more manageable for distributors and manufacturers, most notably in terms of cost. This advantage also makes the product generally cheaper, thus the customers benefit as well.

More ideal for shipping

The easy manageability of dry goods in terms of storage makes them ideal products for shipping and transportation for many manufacturers and corporations. Products like office sundries are very simple to maintain and can be readily shipped in any kind of cargo environment. This also makes it easier for these kinds of products to be shipped in large quantities over long distances, such as overseas.

Dry goods transportation and shipment

There are also different trucking transportation services available to distribute dry goods across regions. Manufacturers and distributors can find a viable carrier that can handle the shipment of their goods safely using a modern transportation fleet and logistics. For dry food products, dry vans and trucks are also equipped with temperature-controlled storage space for proper safekeeping of goods during short- and long-distance shipment.

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