Fleet Safety and Technology

Fleet Safety and Technology

Modern trucks are manufactured to meet the increasing demands for an advanced breed of fleets. With trucking companies capitalizing on modern technology, research and development, it is likely to find more advanced heavy-duty trucks equipped with logistics and other features in the coming years. There are undoubtedly improved transportation solutions that we should expect a few years from now, and they are likely to be optimized with big data, modern trucking logistics and similar technical features.

The danger of information overload

Apparently, many fleet managers find that there could be the danger of information overload if the extent of data technology is not controlled. Providing truck drivers loads of information to process might compromise the quality of information they need to digest, and the resulting consequence could be adverse from what is expected. One¬†example is the installation of cameras on trucks. It can be noted that many trucking companies, in an effort to improve their transportation solutions, upgrade their fleet with modern camera equipment such as side-view cameras that deliver images through an electronic monitor. Having to process the information coming from the cameras, in addition to the mirror images, might take more time and could¬†compromise the driver’s primary attention on the driving taskr.

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Training and skill-development management

Modern technologies designed for the trucking industry are inevitable these days, considering that more efforts are being devoted to technology research and development. As a result, it is incumbent upon trucking companies to make their truck drivers ready for big changes. In order to keep up with the competition, trucking companies are likely to embrace more advanced technology to optimize their fleet performance. The overhaul can bring some overwhelming changes that could affect the ability of truck drivers to adapt to the progressive changes in the trucking industry, and more particularly on the modern technologies that will be introduced to fleets.

To avoid compromising safety in truck driving, trucking companies are required to keep safety protocols in place. Training truck drivers is essential in order to improve their competence at maximizing the beneficial features of modern fleet technologies that are available. Citing the example above, the key toward better adjustment in using mirror images as well as camera-derived images involves training a truck driver to combine the information retrieved from these resources and process the information not as separate entities, but as complementary in promoting visibility and truck driver safety.

It may take a while to train experienced truck drivers who depend on their intuition and mirrors while performing their driving tasks. Moreover, drivers of large vehicles should be given sufficient rest in order to optimize their cognitive function so as to help them process various information coming from modern fleet technologies. To improve the ability of truck drivers to adjust to the new breeds of high-end equipment, fleet technology experts suggest establishing training requirements prior to using any application and devices on any vehicle. This is essential in order to prepare the truck drivers to acquire the skills required of them for optimized truck-driving safety.

The application of modern safety technologies such as a side camera will improve the safety standards implemented by trucking companies. It can minimize accidents caused by blind spots. It is prudent for trucking companies to embrace modern fleet technologies to enhance safety protocols that can reduce the number of road accidents involving heavy-duty trucks, but it must be accompanied support to truck drivers to help them easily adapt to changes in the transportation field.

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