Fleet Telematics System for Trucking Business

Fleet Telematics System for Trucking Business

Optimizing trucking solutions and services is among the highest priorities for Atlanta trucking companies. In a growing trucking business such as yours, it is essential to implement a system that will organize your fleet in a productive way. The fleet telematics system is the current technology of choice that combines telecommunications and information to optimize trucking-business management. Many large trucking companies that want to organize their fleet and freight management system adapt the fleet telematics system to improve their transportation solutions.

What is a fleet telematics system?

The fleet telematics system is the integration of telecommunication and information in a way that receives, sends and stores information about remote objects such as a dispatched truck on the road. It utilizes telecommunication devices such as a Global Positioning System (GPS), mobile devices and computers. Trucking companies now enjoy the technology as one of the bundled features of the trucks they purchase in the market. Many trucking logistics companies offer fleet managers more advanced transportation solutions for their trucking business with the trucks that are already powered with the fleet telematics system. Now, trucking companies will be able to track down their fleet, maintain long-distance collaboration with truck drivers, and monitor movement of the fleet according to the route plan.

The benefits of fleet telematics systems to trucking companies

Using GPS technology and computer software, trucking managers have the ability to monitor the movements and status of a moving vehicle. The fleet telematics system allows you to view all the trucks that have been dispatched, listing each of them while showing their individual status. With this logistics system your company will enjoy the following benefits:

• Low cost on maintenance and labor
The system provides a warning regarding problematic areas of your fleet, such as the need for an oil change, a catalytic converter timing out, information about gas mileage and other relevant diagnostics about your trucks. With this feature, running a maintenance system becomes smoother, especially when you have numerous trucks to keep tabs on. By signaling a warning, you will be able to act before the issue becomes more costly.

• Control fuel costs
The fleet telematics system allows you to monitor the gas mileage and usage for each truck. You can call the attention of the truck driver to be more prudent in observing proper driving ethics to save gas and control the fuel costs for your fleet. The fleet telematics system provides a feedback regarding the vehicle’s idle time, heavy breaking and unreasonable acceleration behavior.

• Deliver reliable transportation solutions
With enhanced communication and information management, freight management runs smoothly, helping your fleet deliver a timely transportation service. This helps reduce the risks of delays and miscommunication, thereby helping the efficiency of your services. Consequently, it enhances customer satisfaction in the process.

• Prevents the unauthorized use of your vehicles
Fleet managers can easily monitor the activities of dispatched vehicles and are able to keep track of the routes and names of the truck drivers responsible for each vehicle on the road. Using the monitoring system of the fleet telematics systems, you have control where the truck should be and who is authorized to drive it.

• Enhanced productivity for your trucking business
Productivity of your trucking company is optimized because you can instantly dispatch the closest truck for delivery to a certain destination. Because you can closely monitor  truck movement and destinations remotely, you can reduce your operating costs by dispatching the truck that is nearer to the area of your customers without wasting fuel in reporting back to your service area.

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