Good Reasons Why Trucking Invests in Fuel Efficiency

Good Reasons Why Trucking Invests in Fuel Efficiency

Trucking companies are highly motivated to earn a better return on their investment by trying to control the fuel costs involved in their business. With different transportation solutions comes the demand for fuel efficiency. Truck owners and operators need to control fuel costs because such expenses can take a greater percentage of profits away from operating quality carriers. Trucking jobs in Atlanta are becoming highly demanding, and new drivers seem to be oblivious about how to conserve fuel usage that becomes highly expensive and burdensome to trucking companies. Owing to the economic impact of fuel consumption on the trucking industry, fuel conservation has become a major concern of trucking management. If you are a trucking owner or operator, here are good reasons why you should be interested in investing in better fuel efficiency for your trucking business.

The government sees fit to impose fuel-economy standards

The U.S. government finds it reasonable to impose tighter fuel economy standards, thus requiring trucking companies with heavy-duty vehicles like big tractor-trailers and hauling trucks to attain at least 20% improved mileage by reducing carbon emission. This means that employing the green supply chain will give better fuel efficiency in terms of costs and consumption, and is environment-friendly. The advocacy of using greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency is endorsed by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). An effort that commenced decades ago has successfully helped the trucking industry save at least 120.7 million barrels of oil to date. By advocating fuel-efficiency standards using greenhouse gas, your company can save millions in potential profits a year.

Truck drivers can sometimes be negligent on fuel usage

Truck drivers tend to drive without consideration of conserving fuel because the faster they drive, the more work they can accomplish. However, speed is the main reason for increased costs and consumption of fuel. Experts say that driving more than 60 mph actually decreases fuel economy when by 1/10 of a mile per every gallon of fuel. This accounts for one of the pricey operational costs of trucking operation. Encouraging better driver economic behavior by observing the right speed can actually help your trucking business save fuel. At least 60 to 65 mph is an effective fuel-efficiency practice for 18-wheel trucks that can help burn less fuel.

Fuel consumption is easy to control and waste

Truck drivers have better control in terms of whether to save or waste fuel when driving. Three factors affect fuel efficiency: rolling resistance, gravity and air resistance. Your driver can manage to control these three things to avoid wasting fuel. By slowing the speed, the truck will need less horsepower, and that can help burn less fuel. Make sure tires are properly inflated to reduce rolling resistance, and snug the trailer closer to the truck in order to reduce air resistance. Training your truck driver to slow acceleration and deceleration will also save fuel energy by reducing gravity during acceleration and preventing hard braking during deceleration, both of which can reduce wasting fuel.

Investing in fleet technology helps conserve fuel costs

Modern fleet technology can help you manage your fuel costs better and also gain insight about your truck driver’s driving behavior. There is a 25% marginal difference in fuel savings between the worse and best drivers, according to the North American Council for Freight Efficiency. Using logistics and fleet technology, the drivers can obtain real-time feedback regarding fuel consumption that helps save fuel maintenance costs by 10%.

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