Highway Dangers that Truck Drivers May Encounter

Highway Dangers that Truck Drivers May Encounter

Driving a truck on a highway where thousands of commuters drive through can pose some potential road dangers to your fleet and its drivers. Road accidents occur due to various causes, and every truck driver should know what to look out for while driving a truck on the highway. Most road accidents are preventable, and truck drivers can be in control of preventing road accidents by taking the appropriate precautionary measures.

Driver-related accidents

There are many instances when trucking accidents occur on a highway because of driver errors. Many drivers claim to be very meticulous in observing road safety, but irresponsible driving behavior of other drivers is unpredictable. Trucking companies usually ensure that their drivers are professionally trained to observe traffic rules, road safety and defensive driving skills in order to avoid road accidents that are caused by other drivers. Common hazards that your fleet may possibly encounter during each trip include drivers who do not obey traffic lights, who disregard road signs, speeding drivers, and those driving under the influence of alcohol.

Quality carriers hire drivers who have undergone proper training and have the necessary skills for driving large vehicles such as tractor-trailers, short-haul and cargo trailer trucks. Training them to become responsible drivers can reduce the risks of making your fleet a threat to commuters on the highway. Defensive driver training can also help your drivers learn how to avoid and prevent highway dangers that may be caused by the irresponsible driving behavior of other motorists on the road.

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Vehicle-related accidents

An important aspect of responsible fleet management is maintaining your fleet in good condition before dispatch. Vehicle-related accidents are among the highway dangers that a truck driver will encounter, with the risk higher when they are driving a truck without proper maintenance or making immediate repairs when needed. Vehicle malfunction can pose a serious threat to commuters, and with a large vehicle involved, such as a truck, the damage can be massive and serious. Trucking companies must conduct a periodic assessment of the condition of their fleet and make sure that they maintain the highest vehicle safety standards. Truck drivers should understand that they exercise control over the trucks they drive, and they must shoulder the responsibility to regularly inspect their trucks before leaving their headquarters.

Weather-related dangers

Weather can become unpredictable and is a common cause of highway dangers that are beyond the control of a truck driver. Weather-related dangers can be avoided, however, by ensuring that you are driving at a very safe speed. This allows you to exercise better control over the truck, and you can possibly mitigate the  dangers weather may impose while driving on the highway. Having logistics within your trucking company can help by providing the necessary weather information that can help you identify a safer route and communicate your circumstances to the control office. Driving in bad weather will make it necessary to be sure your truck is weather ready — that your tires and brakes are in good condition and the windshield wipers are working properly.

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