How On-Board Technology Saves Fuel for Your Trucks

How On-Board Technology Saves Fuel for Your Trucks

Trucking companies can find significant savings on fuel costs over the long haul with the help of modern on-board technology. There are many things going on behind the wheels, and knowing how to control them can be a good approach to implementing wise cost-cutting measures to save fuel costs and consumption. Fuel economy had once been a challenge for many trucking companies, only for them to realize that a truck driver’s behavior and road discipline can be good starting points for saving fuel. Modern on-board technology can further complement your fuel-saving measures and allow you to manage a more fuel-efficient transportation solution.

Monitoring the speed metrics mentally is not enough

Large fleet operators always impose upon their truck drivers the requirement to maintain their speed up to 63 to 65 mph, not only for safety reasons, but also to consume less fuel during the ride. By curbing driver speed, you are essentially slowing down fuel usage by the truck. This speed limit is best for 18 wheelers driving down the highway. Based on research studies, driving around this speed can improve the fleet’s fuel consumption by at least 27 percent. Many advocate driving at a slower speed than this range because even less fuel is consumed owing to the lesser aerodynamic drag, but running too slow on a highway may compromise truck safety on the road.

Modern on-board fleet technology

Measuring speed rate against fuel consumption can be burdensome and risky for truck drivers. Calculating mentally can distract their concentration from driving the truck safety. Modern on-board technology such as GPS chips, wireless sensors, advanced algorithm technology and data analytic tools has made this process easier, accessible and convenient. These tools can provide intelligent monitoring and perform real-time data analysis to provide the truck driver automated feedback reflecting the relationship between their speed and fuel consumption. At the same time, the same information and data is relayed to the fleet operator, allowing the manager to identify truck-driving behaviour of the driver, including real-time reports about their driving activities such as the number of stops, number of brakes made and the temperature of the engine.

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On-board technology can provide intelligent assistance in both short- and long-haul trucking activities to help save fuel costs. It is capable of influencing the truck driver’s driving behaviour, and trucks may be programmed with better control in terms of braking and calculating distances based on road conditions, truck cargo weight and weather conditions. Logistics and technology in freight management and the trucking business are getting more intelligent and smarter all the time, and can even provide a retinal test to detect driver’s fatigue to ensure the safety of your truck and its driver.

The era of on-board technology is inevitable, and it plays a significant role in partnering the efforts of the trucking industry in looking for better measures toward maximum fuel efficiency. Utilizing these on-board technologies can help improve efficiency, safety and fuel conservation in the trucking industry.

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