Key Factors to Consider About Dry Goods Shipping

Key Factors to Consider About Dry Goods Shipping

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The dry goods industry is one of the front-line consumer industries in most economies today. The high demand for different types of dry goods calls for the best kinds of shipping services to accommodate the transportation needs of different client corporations and customers. While dry goods are not as difficult to store or transport as  non-durable goods such as certain food products, there is still a considerable amount of care to be taken, and certain guidelines must be followed while undertaking their delivery. There are different factors that must be taken into account while transporting dry goods.


Dry goods like textiles or office supplies do not normally have any special requirements for storage. However, dried foods have certain needs. These products have a relatively stable shelf life, but stand the chance of spoiling faster if stored near any areas of extreme temperature or when exposed to sunlight. These factors can affect the overall quality of the products, thus most dry-van carriers offer temperature control to maintain an average room temperature. For long transportation, hard containers of glass or metal are widely used because they are less likely to sustain damage during the journey. Certain types of food products also require special airtight environments.


Logistics are an important matter in any kind of carrier transaction. Several factors, such as unforeseen road accidents or a miscommunication between the parties managing the shipping, can lead to delayed transportation or, in the worst case, damaged cargo. Many trucking companies employ managing groups to guide and direct every movement of the vehicle transport. These groups are also in constant contact with the drivers to assure that any sudden problems are dealt with instantaneously. These logistical operations workers are also in charge of making sure that both the vehicles and drivers are in good condition and ready for transportation.

Dry goods carriers

Apart from needing to be in close coordination with the managing logistical groups, the vehicles involved in transportation must be suited for the goods that are to be shipped. Large freight carriers are more appropriate for carrying large and multiple cargo loads, such as with those requested by most consumer corporations. These carriers are best for the heaviest cargo and are the most durable for long routes such as state-to-state transportation. Smaller cargo is usually handled by smaller dry vans, which are ideal for single-cargo loads and more suitable for shorter journeys.

Dry goods tracking technology

The rising demand for dry goods shipment and the increasing difficulties companies face to accommodate client needs make technology a requirement for greater efficiency. Almost all trucking companies today make use of GPS technology to better facilitate logistical management and transportation. GPS is utilized by many drivers and logistics teams, allowing them to closely coordinate their activities. Technological innovations also help in storage, such as in the special needs of food, and in improving the overall condition of the transportation vehicles. Customers also enjoy peace of mind knowing that trucking companies can track down their products and articles in real time and can determine that the products have reached their destinations safely and on time.

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