How to Know if Truck Driving is the Right Career for You

How to Know if Truck Driving is the Right Career for You

If you are considering a career in the trucking industry, truck driving offers you the chance to explore various opportunities. However, it is important to consider that a truck-driver career is a major decision to make. There are various steps that need to be accomplished in pursuit of a truck-driving career. While you need to go through certain processes before getting your license as a professional truck driver, it can become a lucrative career opportunity. But before you pursue truck driving as a career, you need to understand the demands involved as a truck driver.

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Truck driving demands long hours of driving

Long-haul trucking requires long hours of driving on the highway that can take days or even weeks. This is particularly true among regional trucking companies, where drivers need to deliver goods within three weeks’ time. This means that you will be away from home and family, and in some cases you will find yourself driving alone. Long-haul truck drivers often consider their job a lifestyle, when traveling from one region to another becomes a way of life. However, the pay is good because you will be paid according to the number of miles of driving, and can reach up to $45,000 per year on average. Another advantage of a long-haul truck driving career is that most trucking companies will not let you drive a truck that’s more than three years old. This means that you will be navigating your way through the highways with a top-notch large vehicle with modern equipment and truck technology for safety.

Truck driving offers different adventures

Being a truck driver means you experience the monotonous activity of sitting and driving all day, but it can also offer potential adventures that sometimes vary every day. Truck drivers may leave their hub one afternoon where it’s 72 degrees and then find themselves driving at night at 15 degrees below zero later. You get to meet different people during your stopovers, but may also have the unpleasant experience of your truck stalling along the highway. You can enjoy the different scenic views during your travel, but may feel dismayed about spending the night sleeping on your truck to rest. Being on the road most of the time also exposes you to the risks of road accidents.

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Trucking driving requires licensing and training

Unless you are a professional licensed truck driver with appropriate training, you cannot pursue a truck driving career. Some trucking companies are strict in requiring applicants to be duly licensed and trained from accredited driving schools. Licensing requires you to pass a licensure examination and unless you are interested in going to school to get certified, you may not consider truck driving a career opportunity for you. Your training and experience will also help define the salary rate that you will earn. The good news is that pursuing a license only takes months to complete.

Truck driving offers a flexible job

If you enjoy the opportunity of working with great flexibility, truck driving is a good career of choice. You can choose whether you want to drive within the state or by interstate, choose between short- or long-haul trucking, and determine how much you want to earn by choosing the number of miles you are willing to drive. The more miles you drive, the higher your pay. Moreover, you can also choose which type of truck you are most fit to drive. Whether or not truck driving is a good career for you will depend on if you are willing to take some risks and sacrifices in exchange of a good career and income opportunity as a truck driver. Weighing the risks and benefits is important before you can finally decide if truck driving is the right career path for you.

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