Pursuing a Dry-Goods Trailer-Truck Driving Career

Pursuing a Dry-Goods Trailer-Truck Driving Career

Pursuing a truck-driving job offers different areas to explore. Each type of truck-driving job entails distinct responsibilities. Driving a dry-goods trailer truck is one of these truck-driving job options that you can possibly explore. Your responsibilities revolve around driving a dry-van trailer to haul dry goods that are non-perishable. Dry-goods trailer trucks are perhaps among the most-common vehicles you see on the highways. Hauling dry goods on a trailer truck involves minimal physical stress unless you will be required to help with loading and unloading the goods. The job will usually require you to deliver the goods from one location to another. The job sounds easy, but there are some things that you need to know about a dry-goods trailer-truck driver career.

Getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL)

To be employed as a trailer-truck driver you must possess a commercial driver’s license. Atlanta trucking companies are very strict in requiring their truck drivers to have the license for employment. You can land a job as a dry-goods trailer-truck driver if you have a class A CDL. This type of driver’s license is required for interstate and intrastate tractor-trailer drivers and allows them to drive any vehicle combination with 26,0001 pounds or more GVWR, provided that the GVWR towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds. Most trucking companies prefer drivers who are able to obtain their class A CDL from truck-driving school because they are likely to have more professional training in a driving school and better truck-driving experience. To have a better chance of employment as a dry-goods trailer-truck driver, you can enhance your credential and portfolio by taking a short truck-driving course and obtaining a class A CDL.

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The job as a dry-goods trailer-truck driver

Your primary job is to drive a trailer truck to transport dry goods from point A to point B. The job often does not require the driver to help with loading and unloading the goods, but this depends upon the requirements of the trucking company. Driving a dry-goods trailer truck is usually the job given for first-level entry employment in a trucking company. The size of the trailer truck that you will drive varies, as are the types of goods to be hauled. It is important to ask your employer about this to manage your expectations and avoid surprises.

It is important to secure the loads of the trailer truck and observe road-driving safety standards at all times to help build a stellar truck-driver portfolio. The pay for a dry-van trailer-truck driver increases every year and mainly depends upon your expertise, good driving record and performance in the company. Some trucking companies in Atlanta offer their truck drivers additional training to upgrade their skills and have the opportunity to take higher-paying job responsibilities that will enhance their career as professional dry-goods trailer-truck drivers.

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