Pursuing Truck-Driving Excellence – The Recruitment Process

Pursuing Truck-Driving Excellence – The Recruitment Process

If you are aiming to hire class A truck drivers, it is essential to know what qualities to look for. Trucking companies in Atlanta have the option of choosing between excellent, experienced truck drivers and newbies. Between the two, professional truck drivers have an edge in helping trucking companies grow their reputations and the quality of their transportation solutions. Aside from improving logistics, the trucking industry finds the need to improve its ability to recruit excellent drivers with reliable driving behaviors as a way of enhancing road safety. If your company is struggling with building truck-driving excellence, the key is to begin by hiring class A truck drivers through a sound recruitment process.

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Establish standard qualities for truck drivers 

Hiring over-the-road truck drivers who are responsible and accountable for their job responsibilities is important. The behavior of the truck driver in terms of road safety is crucial in promoting high-standard trucking solutions for your clients. There are also certain technical skills required for long-haul truck drivers, including the appropriate licensing for your fleet. Here are some of the standard criteria and qualifications to look for in a class A truck driver:

  • License to drive special truck loads, such as carrying and handling hazardous items.
  • Specialty license for driving fleet types with unique steering systems.
  • State-issued commercial driver’s license.
  • Class A commercial driver’s license for special truck types, such as trucks loading heavy equipment and cargoes.

Showing their credentials should not be enough. Your trucking company should implement its own driving test for truck driver applicants for an actual demonstration that will help you gauge the applicant’s driving skills.

Find jobs at Ready Trucking, Inc. Talent Network

Look for these skills from an excellent truck driver

Freight management is easier when you know that you have reliable truck drivers to complete the job with less delay in your transportation solutions. Here are some of the special skills that an excellent truck driver possesses:

  • Independent decision making skills.

A truck driver should show independence in terms of decision making when a particular situation calls for good judgment. This is crucial in cases of emergencies or road mishaps because it allows your driver to exercise initiative in deciding how to mitigate risks for your trucking business.

  • Collaborative skills.

Collaborative skill is essential in that it helps your truck driver work smoothly with the company’s dispatcher and schedulers. This helps avoid delays and facilitates on-time performance from the driver where needed.

  • Aptitude score

An excellent truck driver is one who manifests a good aptitude for mechanical troubleshooting of your fleet. This skill is crucial, especially when your fleet experiences some technical or mechanical problems while on the road. It is also important to look for technical skills in managing GPS and other monitoring technologies, or logistics that will help make long-distance collaboration and communication easier and more convenient.

Retaining your best assets

Once you have found the right hire for the job, it is important to implement a retention program to keep the best talents in your trucking business. Give reasonable benefits and offer continuing education or training to new recruits in order to help them embrace the culture of excellence in your trucking company. Provide a feedback mechanism that will help you understand the changing needs of your truck drivers and to be able to respond to them accordingly.

Jobs at Ready Trucking, Inc. Talent Network

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