Readyness Program – Guaranteed Mileage Pay

Readyness Program – Guaranteed Mileage Pay

4-week Trial Promotion of 2,500 Guaranteed Mileage Pay

Driver Team – HOW READY ARE YOU? We are offering a competitive promotional program for the next four weeks to our Lease and Company Drivers. We are offering guaranteed miles of 2,500 for drivers that demonstrate professionalism and excellence in Safety, Service and Performance. Drivers without incidents, accidents, drivers with 100% on-time service and drivers willing to open their availability to 7 consecutive days with two days home time will be paid for 2,500 miles regardless of actual miles driven. Those drivers who are available more than 7 consecutive days continue to expect miles above this number.

As discussed and promised, we have developed a tight network with numerous new customers that will keep our drivers continuously moving. Given the efficient network we’ve developed, the Operations team is expected to plan drivers 2-3 days in advance so that you can appropriately plan your hours, prepare for your runs and the Operations team can recover any customer/maintenance/driver issues that arise in executing the plan. We hope you recognize these positive changes as delivering on the vision we have for our Drivers and for the Organization we are building. We are still in the business of having to manage customers taking advantage of the limited time drivers have available to run (given recent regulation and eLogs) which is another focus of this program. We, the Company, want to incur that cost, rather than our driver team.

This program is one of the most competitive Driver compensation programs on the market; however, it will require you to focus on the pillars that support our business: Safety, Service and Performance. In order for us to continue to grow our customer base and provide the most optimal network for our driver team, we have to deliver a level of Safety, Service and Performance, which many of our Drivers are currently demonstrating. This program is designed to reward those drivers who exemplify dedication to excellence. This is a trial program that we are beta testing to see if, together, we can increase Safety, Service and Performance through positive reinforcement and recognition. If we are successful in this trial, Ready will consider adopting this program for a longer period of time during peak seasons – with regular program evaluations to determine and track the success of the program, not only for the Company, but for the driver.

Drivers will continue to receive weekly compensation. Safety, Service and Performance will be managed by Fleet Management and Safety. Compliance will be evaluated weekly by the Operations Manager to determine those drivers that qualify for the 2,500 guaranteed miles (or more depending on your availability). The disqualifying events, listed below, will make you ineligible for the Program. If you disqualify yourself you will receive payment for your actual miles that week. You will be eligible again to participate in the Program at the start of your next week (unless otherwise stated below). This program will replace any accessorial pay. The current mileage incentive program is being retired because we are looking to offer a more aggressive program to our drivers.

Again, our goal with this program is to compensate those drivers who demonstrate a high level of professionalism and performance. Ready wants to create a PRO-Driver work place where Safety, Service and Performance are recognized. Your Management team will be reaching out to you to verbally explain this Program and those who wish to participate will be able to sign up.

Disqualifying Events



  • You will be disqualified from the Readyness Program for one week for any violations, found by Department of Transportation, upon being stopped for inspection such as an overweight, moving, driver credentials, equipment, drugs, alcohol etc.


  •  You will be disqualified from the Readyness Program for any crash involving road or other vehicles, a crash causing serious damage or injury. *Still subject to possible termination upon investigation


  • You will be disqualified from the Readyness Program for any minor occurrences resulting in physical damage or impairment to equipment, property or any other vehicles, property where the Driver is found responsible for the damage done to equipment, property, other vehicles, property

*Non reported incidents will disqualify the driver from participating in the event for 2 weeks

Personal Conveyance:

  • You will be disqualified from the Readyness Program if you exceed the 20 allowable miles per day, unless otherwise approved by Fleet Management or Safety

*Managed via Rand McNally


  • Any speeds running over 73 mph

*Managed via Rand McNally


  • No late deliveries:
  • Excludes true maintenance related issues, but includes circumstances where pre/post trip inspection were not completed by the driver


  • Availability: 7 consecutive days
  • Load Acceptance: 100% load acceptance

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