Safety Is Our Priority – Avoiding Road Accidents and Mishaps

Safety Is Our Priority – Avoiding Road Accidents and Mishaps

Given the enormous impact of road accidents on the operation and reputation of a trucking company, truck-driver training and regular fleet maintenance should become a priority. Among the common causes of insurance claims by trucking companies are road accidents and mishaps. The expenses for truck repair and indemnifying customers for damaged goods can be significant burdens to trucking companies. Moreover, there is the danger of license revocation or suspension when truck drivers fail to observe road safety. As a result, trucking companies are wary about road collisions and accidents involving their fleets.

Here are some of the safety measures to accident-proof our trucking businesses. We implement safe-driving protocols to eliminate road accidents and mishaps involving our fleet to guarantee road safety and protection of our customers’ goods and property.

Safe driving training as a basic requirement

Whether a commercial truck driver drives smaller dry vans or bigger tractor trailers, a basic safe-driving lesson should include the following:

  • Defensive driving
  • Back-injury prevention training
  • Driving in a hazardous weather conditions
  • Avoiding an emerging collision
  • Vehicle safety checklist
  • Vehicle maneuver training

These are the usual requirements for accreditation of trucking companies. Because the trucking industry is deeply concerned with public safety, more-stringent regulations are imposed on trucking companies. These measures help reduce the incidence of transportation accidents involving large vehicles on the highways.

Basic considerations to avoid road accidents 

Tractor trailers

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There are various factors that can affect the risks of road accidents when your fleet is on the field. Driver errors, mechanical problems, weather conditions and traffic conditions are the most common causes of road accidents and mishaps involving large trailers and cargo trucks on the road. Here are some of the important things to consider to help reduce the risk of accidents on the road involving your fleet.

  • Keep a checklist of fleet maintenance and regular repair services. Make sure trucks are in good running condition before dispatching them on the road for long drives.
  • Always observe at least 2-3 meters distance between the truck and the vehicle in front when driving.
  • Never attempt to squeeze the truck in between two vehicles. Always train your truck drivers to observe road courtesy.
  • Many road accidents take place when vehicle drivers do not use their signal lights appropriately. Delayed signals or making the wrong signal can be a road nuisance and an invitation for accidents to occur.
  • Avoid drastic maneuvers, especially in blind spots.
  • Encourage drivers to observe defensive driving techniques at all times.
  • Be observant about the road and weather conditions. Strong winds and rain can affect driving conditions, and it is always necessary to maintain higher diligence when driving under these circumstances.
  • Observe proper load distribution of cargoes in the truck. Heavier loads on an 18-wheel cargo truck can significantly affect speed and the ability of the driver to control the movements of the truck when the load shifts in the truck trailer.

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