Technology-Driven Truck Driver Recruitment

Technology-Driven Truck Driver Recruitment

Many trucking companies find it difficult to recruit competitive and skilled truck drivers. Considering that the number of retiring truck drivers leaves many jobs vacant in the industry, many trucking company owners are enticed to simply hire new applicants without imposing stringent qualifications, but this could have some implications in terms of the quality of employees you are bringing on board your fleet. But as hard as it is to find competitive truck drivers these days, there are always alternative measures that you can employ in order to enhance your truck driver recruitment process.

Harness technology in your recruitment

While it may sound that truck drivers are becoming extinct these days, there are actually many interested truck drivers looking for a good job offer out there who you need to find. Technology can go a long way in helping you reach out to younger, more technology-savvy and highly motivated truck drivers who can be a good fit with your company. Here are some ways to help you harness the available technology that can help you enhance the recruitment process for your trucking company:

  1. Advertise on the Internet

The internet has become a very powerful medium for reaching young, professional truck drivers. Making your ads highly optimized for search engine optimization for local searches will help bring your business closer to interested truck drivers looking for a job. Make sure your ads are mobile optimized as well since the majority of young professionals engage in mobile web browsing to search for jobs.

  1. Create a mobile application for your business

You facilitate the process of recruitment when your website has mobile applications that the applicants can easily download to complete the application process in a jiffy. Make sure to keep the applicants updated regarding the status of their applications, and provide updates about your business to keep their interest high.

  1. Connect your business to social media

Engage interested applicants with your business by providing interesting information about your company that will make it appealing to potential applicants. Create a social media page for truck drivers to keep your business connected to their community.

  1. Introduce technology-driven fleet

Truck drivers take notice when your trucking company uses on-board technology that makes their job easier. There are many technologies that are offering cost-efficient trucking solutions that you can use to your business advantage and for enticing potential hires for a job.

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Automating recruitment process for truck drivers

To make your trucking business more competitive, automating the process of recruitment can provide an advantage in finding the right hire for the job. By using sophisticated technology in truck driver recruiting, you cannot pass up the opportunity of keeping the right applicant on board for your company. Most potential applicants are using the web and mobile applications in order to find job vacancies and to find more competitive offers from trucking companies. Embrace technology to your advantage by providing the easiest and the most convenient medium of sending applications to your business. Sophisticated software is now available that can facilitate quick processing of data submitted by applicants so you can immediately validate and evaluate whether an applicant qualifies to go on to the next stage of the recruitment process. A technology-driven truck driver recruitment process provides a time-efficient recruiting process that doubles the productivity measures that make your business more competent in providing high-quality transportation solutions by finding highly qualified truck drivers for your business.

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