The Steps to a Professional Truck-Driving Career

The Steps to a Professional Truck-Driving Career

Building a career as a professional truck driver will require accomplishing certain steps in order to attain your goal. A truck-driving career can be promising, and the profession is something that one can enjoy because of its numerous employment benefits, promising salary and unique job experience. If you want to explore a career in this profession, you need to take the following steps to begin your journey as a professional truck driver.

  1. Enroll in a truck-driving school

Getting a high school diploma used to be enough to land a truck driving job, but with the fierce competition among trucking companies and the high regulatory standards imposed by the government to ensure road safety, you need to take further steps to build your truck-driving portfolio. Enrolling in a truck-driving school should be your primary concern. They can help you learn the basic and high-level skills for driving trucks and teach you important road safety measures. The benefits of getting a formal education in truck driving are that you can broaden your skills and knowledge from both classroom lectures and hands-on driving sessions.

Maneuvering and controlling large commercial vehicle requires the higher level of driving skills that professional driving schools will teach you. Accidents involving large commercial trucks can be catastrophic and devastating, thus truck drivers have a great responsibility when performing their jobs. Completing your education and training from a truck-driving school will help you build confidence and equip you with the skills required by trucking companies of their driver applicants. In fact, many trucking companies build a network or tie up with truck-driving schools where they hire their students for employment after the completion of their training.

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  1. Obtain a CDL license

In order to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL), you must pass the written examination and driving skills test that will be given by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of your state. The written examination will test your knowledge about the standard regulations and laws applicable to commercial truck driving. This knowledge test is then followed by a driving-skills test, where you drive the vehicle under the scrutiny of the examiner.

The DMV usually provides a commercial driver’s license handbook that you can study. Reading the material will help you pass the knowledge test. The test questions are taken from the handbook, and you can easily pass the knowledge test once you are able to read through them. Driving schools also provide lectures about everything you need to know in order to pass the knowledge test. Your hands-on driving lessons at a truck-driving school will also enable you to handle the driving skills test. Passing both the knowledge test and driving skills test will earn a CDL for you.

         3. Getting employment

You can now jump-start your professional truck driving career by applying to trucking companies. You can check with your driving school to see if they offer their students an employment-placement service to help them land a job immediately. As you start your employment, make sure to observe the highest standards of road safety and diligence in performing your job. Truck drivers with exceptional skills, dedication and a stellar road-safety record can easily earn a promotion and a raise from large trucking companies within a short period of time.

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