Tips for a Successful Truck-Driving Career

Tips for a Successful Truck-Driving Career

A truck-driving career is one of the most challenging, yet well-compensated, jobs around. Trucking companies are willing to pay their truck drivers generously, considering that they are company assets and valuable for their transportation services. Becoming a truck driver can become rewarding if you spend more driving hours a week. A new entry-level truck driver in Atlanta with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) can earn between $20,000 and $30,000 annually, depending upon the trucking company where one becomes employed. Many truck drivers anticipate advancing their truck-driving career to become among the senior CDL truck drivers, who can potentially earn between $90,000 and $103,000. If you find this an appealing job prospect, there are things that can help you to build a successful truck-driving career.

Build your credentials

Building your credentials is important when applying to trucking companies. Your initial step would be to enroll in a truck driving school and then obtain a CDL from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Trying to learn driving a truck on your own and attempting to pass the test from DMV is a bad idea because your training is probably not rigorous enough to meet the standards required by reputable trucking companies. Some trucking companies, although rare, are hiring truck drivers and sponsor their CDL training. However, finding a private CDL school to obtain formal truck-driving training is your best option to make yourself qualified and get hired.

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Qualify your standards as a professional truck driver

Trucking companies are very generous in rewarding highly qualified truck drivers who observe professionalism when performing their job. While you are employed, make sure to show exemplary performance by showing diligence in your job performance. Take as much load as possible, and be willing to spend long hours driving on the road with a serious commitment to rendering professional truck-driving services. The first years of your truck driving career are perhaps the most challenging. Make sure to learn how to work under pressure, and you will certainly find yourself rewarded with the opportunity of getting a raise and receiving better work schedules. Seasoned professional truck drivers find job security in their career as a truck driver. They attain this status owing to their dedicated service and professionalism when performing their job.

Get acquainted with the trucking company you intend to work for

There are differences in terms of the salary offered by trucking companies, including the benefits and type of truck-driving jobs available for their employees. If you think that you are amenable to the trucking company’s policies and administration system, you might as well proceed in applying. However, there is no point in applying for a trucking job that does not fit your qualifications or one that you are likely to quit. Changing from one employer to another is not good for your credentials. This can give future trucking companies the impression that you are not good at your job, or that no trucking companies are serious enough to keep you for long-term employment. Instead of transferring from one employer to another, learn to become flexible and the skills required from one division of the trucking company. This can add up in your experience and will show your dedication and commitment to your employer.

Upgrade your truck-driving career

Getting a CDL is not enough to ensure a stable and successful truck-driving career. Gain more experience by exploring various areas of the trucking services of your employer, and obtain an over-the-road (OTR) credential to upgrade your qualifications and pay as a professional truck driver.

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