Top Solutions for Truck Driver Shortages

Top Solutions for Truck Driver Shortages

truck driver shortage

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Truck drivers play an important role in the transportation supply chain. Trucking companies rely their transportation solutions and services mostly from truck drivers. Finding a good truck drivers can be a potential problem in the transportation business, especially when the Federal Highway Administration predicts that the demand for long haul truck drivers in the next ten years will be higher. The data collected by the American Trucking Association estimate that one out of six drivers will be retiring in the next few years.

If drivers retire faster than they can be replaced then the demands for drivers will likely double by the year 2020. Trucking companies in Atlanta, GA find the need to overhaul their driver retention program and recruitment system as a solution for truck driver shortages in the coming years. There are viable solutions to remedy the threatening possibility of truck driver shortages and it emanates mostly from the initiatives of trucking companies like Ready Trucking Atlanta GA.

Creative solutions are the key

If the older generations of truck drivers are likely to go extinct in the coming years due to retirement, trucking companies should begin to focus on recruiting the younger generation of truck drivers. It is estimated that only about 6% of truck drivers in the freight transportation services are 35 years old and younger. While the wisdom and seasoned driving experience of veteran truck drivers cannot be matched by their younger counterparts, trucking companies can help train new generations of recruits for their trucking business.

Building a tie-up with driving schools is viewed as a good initiative for hiring and recruitment of new truck drivers. Many companies in the transportation business employ this strategy as a solution for truck driver shortage where they can easily recruit newly licensed truck drivers for employment. By tying up with accredited driving schools, companies are guaranteed that their new recruits underwent through and appropriate training from a reputable driving school.

Build on-board drivers loyalty

Retaining employee loyalty should always come as a priority of trucking companies. It is ironic to know that there is a driver shortage threat in the future, however, there are many unemployed truck drivers out there. So, what gives? There are many issues that trucking companies fail to address and one of this is how to build employee loyalty.

Truck drivers often prefer to resign or retire early owing to a low compensation issue. What they earn does not compensate the long hours spent in driving while being away from their family for many days. Other benefit packages are quite limited too. One way to retain the loyalty of truck drivers is to give them a raise, offer incentives, enticing benefits and better employment condition. This can reduce the prevalence of early retirement and resignation of truck drivers from employment.

The shortage of truck drivers can be a menacing threat to trucking companies, but strengthening a company’s recruitment and retention programs are just among the initiatives available to prevent the truck driver shortage issue. At Ready Trucking we are taking a lead on this issue by being an innovator in these solutions. Please contact us for more information


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