Top Ways of Recruiting the Ideal Truck Driver

Top Ways of Recruiting the Ideal Truck Driver

Finding highly qualified truck drivers is not as difficult as you may think. There is no doubt that many trucking businesses feel threatened by a potential truck driver shortage due to the high number of truck drivers retiring and a much smaller population of subsequent generations from which to draw new drivers. While it is a challenge to find a highly trained and qualified pool of truck driver applicants for your fleet, there are strategies that can help you enhance the recruitment process for the vacant truck driver positions within your company.

Make the truck driver position appealing to potential hires

Truck drivers are becoming more selective when applying to trucking companies these days. That’s why you need to fiercely revolutionize your recruitment campaign to have an advantage over your competitors. One way to get quality and experienced truck drivers on board is to offer them something that will make them eager to get hired. You may want to use this check list to know whether you are offering a job competitively to truck drivers:

  • Is your fleet technology-driven so as to make the job easier and more convenient for your truck drivers? If not, then it is about time to upgrade your fleet technology. Using sophisticated technology for transportation solutions is not only advantageous in boosting your business, fuel efficiency and company productivity, but is also highly attractive to truck drivers.
  • Are you offering competitive incentives and benefits?
  • Is your working-hour management efficient?
  • Do you provide your employees the proper training to upgrade their skills?
  • Do you offer competitive pay, such as pay-per-mile schemes, at a competitive rate?
  • Does your company foster a family culture among workers? It is important to make your truck drivers feel important and valuable as members of your organization.

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Do not forget the traditional recruitment process that works

While many trucking companies are engaged in using modern methods of recruitment, such as advertising online and using social media for recruiting drivers, it is recommended that you not to give up entirely on the traditional ways of recruiting, such as posting sign boards in conspicuous places and using banners for advertising. Keep in mind that there are still many highly qualified truck drivers who still prefer the conservative ways of applying for a job, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of letting them apply for your job vacancy.

Make your company known with good publicity

The most difficult part of recruitment is how to make a potential applicant apply to the job. While application forms may already be available online through your social media account, company website and online ads, making them fill out the form is the most important part of the hiring process. One way of recruiting potential candidates is to entice them to fill out the form, and the best way of making them do so is by giving them good reasons to find your trucking job appealing enough to apply for.

To do this, you can provide interesting facts about your company and allow your truck drivers to share their own experience as part of your business family. Make sure to show how fun and satisfying it is to be a part of your organization, and promote the incentive and benefits package that your employees enjoy. Learn how to hook potential hires by conducting a survey, including your own employees, to understand what drives their interest when searching for a job. Knowing the “soft spots” that are common among truck drivers will give you leverage on how to make your transportation business more competitive in attracting new breeds of truck drivers.

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