Truck Driver Challenges – Hurdles On The Job

Truck Driver Challenges – Hurdles On The Job

Building a career as a truck driver entails various challenges. Being able to manage and surpass every obstacle that poses a barrier to a successful truck-driving career is rewarding. Truck drivers, both retiring and young alike, know that doing this on-the-road job can be stressful, yet rewarding, if you know how to manage the situation well. If you are a truck driver and facing many difficulties in your truck-driving career, these tips will help you learn how to handle these challenges and maximize your truck-driver job.

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Trucking companies are required to adhere to the guidelines established by the Department of Transportation regarding the number of hours that truck drivers may be allowed to work. The maximum number of hours that truck drivers should be working is fourteen, but only eleven hours should be spent driving to do field work. Short-haul trucking services usually require the truck driver to be on the road for fewer hours, but long-haul truck drivers may be on the road to drive hundreds of miles more. It is more challenging to sustain long hours of sitting while driving. Take advantage of logistics to find a shorter route to take to reach your destination faster.

Veteran truck drivers are able to manage this challenge of spending long hours behind the wheel by learning what activities they can do in order to overcome this stressful activity throughout the day. For every eight hours of driving, a truck driver is entitled to take a half-hour break. Make use of this time to recharge your energy by eating a meal. Take this opportunity to stretch your stiff muscles and keep the body’s circulation going.

You can also use this break to call your loved ones for refreshing thoughts and to make you feel inspired to drive again once you are back on the road. Truck drivers are usually paid by the number of miles they drive, so think about the amount of money you are earning while on the road. This can ease the mental exhaustion that you will experience while on the road for long hours. If you have been assigned to drive long distances, you can ask the manager if it is possible to alternate your schedule with shorter drives.

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Drivers often encounter parking issues after loading and unloading. It is unlikely that shippers will allow trucks to park within their premises over the night after their delivery. Truck drivers find that one of the difficulties involved in their job is finding a parking space overnight. Some truck drivers choose to move on and drive back to their headquarters; however, when he goes over his allowed driving hours in a day as dictated by the Department of Transportation, he runs the risk of being flagged down and getting penalized. When this happens, the truck driver has very few choices and will likely have to sleep in the truck overnight.

Make sure to check your schedule and driving hours before hitting the road. You might as well prepare by taking with you a few things to make yourself comfortable when you have to spend the night on the road. Look for parking spaces that are available at night without violating restrictions in the use of the parking space. Most likely, you can find parking at 24/7 diners. Asking other truck drivers for tips on places where they spend the night will make the task easier for you. Take a radio to tune up your night with relaxing music, and get a good night’s rest before hitting the road again.

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