Truck Driving with Green Technology

Truck Driving with Green Technology

Modern technology is emerging in transportation solutions, and trucking companies are finding more options in improving the efficiency of their trucking services. There is a growing number of freight-hauling trucks needed on the road, which in turn increases the number of employment opportunities for truck driving. Trucking operators are also concerned with enhancing the efficiency of their transportation services as truck drivers demand an increase in hourly pay, and the cost of fuel spent on trucking hauls over thousands of miles adds up. That is why trucking technology is considered to be a major help in promoting truck driving efficiency and fuel conservation that promotes green technology.

Promoting green technology using GPS data

By analyzing the movement of vehicles through space and time using the Global Position System, or GPS, fleet management has been improved. The GPS is known for its accurate ability to identify the exact location of a truck based on a set of time intervals. By incorporating GPS technology, trucking companies have an improved ability for real-time computation of their vehicles’ travel times and routes. Trucking companies in Atlanta are using GPS technology in order to measure the distance that their fleet will travel and then use this data to develop a more efficient fuel-management process. Many trucking companies were reportedly successful in reducing the fuel consumption of their heavy-duty diesel trucks by about 3.5 percent.

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Fuel-purchasing-optimization software

With the prevailing fuel-price hikes, trucking companies need to look for a solution that will allow them to conserve fuel costs and usage. Fuel-optimization software has emerged to give trucking companies one potential solution by helping them reduce diesel consumption and cost per gallon, while reducing the out-of-route distance or mileage by 25 percent. Into their fleet-management systems, trucking companies may integrate smart tools like a software or application technology that monitors fuel consumption and usage, which can produce a green effect in the environment because less fuel is used in the trucking operation. This type of green technology has helped many trucking companies enhance their fuel-consumption efficiency and allows their business to become environmentally friendly.

Using diesel for fuel efficiency

Diesel is at the forefront in the type of engine fuel used by trucking companies. Diesel has an ultra-low sulphur content that cuts down the emissions of soot from major vehicles like trucks by 10 percent. The process of sulphur removal equates to the removal of lead from gasoline, so it promotes a cleaner and greener environment. Diesel uses energy-rich properties and with high-energy density that gives more power per gallon than other types of fuels. The use of diesel has become a central part of the modern clean-diesel system that meets the zero-emission standards. The less sulphur content that is burned by vehicles, the less pollution there is in the environment. Introducing this fuel system in the trucking industry can help promote a greener environment.

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