Why Trucking Companies Use GPS Technology

Why Trucking Companies Use GPS Technology

GPS technology has greatly improved the overall operation of trucking companies. This innovation provides multiple benefits to trucking businesses, including faster and more efficient transportation processes, greater security of cargo transport, and better time management. As a result, many trucking companies have taken great steps to introduce this technology into their businesses.

Many commercial trucking companies have already invested in GPS tracking tools. The technology has become a key part of transportation logistics that helps facilitate more-efficient transportation solutions. Commercial freight transportation service providers have installed GPS devices onto their trucks to allow for widespread fleet tracking, just as many Atlanta trucking companies have done. Other companies also use GPS software on mobile devices that their truck drivers use while in the field. The use of the GPS technology has numerous benefits and it enhances the ability of trucking companies to become more responsive and reliable in their transportation business.

More efficient tracking capabilities

Asset-based carriers deliver better service with the capability of reporting to customers the location of their goods while in transit. This gives customers the assurance of knowing about the progress of the delivery of their goods in real time. The result is that carriers are more reliable and trustworthy to clients. The management team dispatching the goods also becomes more responsible and accountable with regard to the safe and timely delivery of goods. The GPS technology helps commercial trucking companies track down the status of their fleet in real time, including location tracking, immediate reports of lost or stolen trucks, and the occurrence of accidents. GPS tracking software provides trucking businesses with an innovative technology to track down their vehicles in real time.

Improved logistics and faster transportation

GPS communication enhances the coordination between truck drivers and the dispatch team in real time. The dispatchers are able to map out the best routes for a faster trip, decreasing the chance of deliveries being late. Using the GPS tracking devices, it is easier to monitor the whereabouts of the cargo in transit and makes it easier to accurately know the expected time of delivery. With GPS technology, freight transportation companies become more reliable in their transportation business.

Greater employee productivity and management

Employee management and productivity are enhanced using the GPS technology. Trucking companies are able to implement a more organized process in dispatching fleets and plotting truck-driver schedules. Close monitoring of truck availability becomes easier because the dispatch team can closely monitor the arrival time of trucks and the availability of truck drivers. Truck driving also becomes hassle-free because the dispatch team can provide traffic advisories to their truck drivers in the field. Employees become more productive with the help of real-time communication between the base station and the field employees.

Cost-effective transportation solutions

The most advanced GPS technology is capable of providing speed information and gives feedback to truck drivers whenever they are reaching the speed limit threshold. This helps reduce fuel costs due to speeding. When drivers do not maintain the proper speed when driving on highways, it results to a higher fuel usage, which is an unnecessary and avoidable cost to the trucking company. With the GPS tool, fleet owners can determine whether truck drivers are driving improperly and can then help them take corrective action immediately. Fleet management systems become more efficient with GPS technology because tracking down the real-time location of vehicles allows the dispatcher to identify the nearest truck to pick up deliveries within a particular location, thereby saving fuel.

GPS technology helps many commercial trucking companies optimize their productivity, fleet management system and customer service, making their business highly reliable in the transportation industry.

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