Should Your Trucking Company Hire Young Truck Drivers?

Should Your Trucking Company Hire Young Truck Drivers?

The trucking industry is expanding in its value as an important part of the global economic workforce. In the United States alone, freight tonnage mostly utilizes trucks for transportation. With the growing demands for quality carriers, truck drivers have become an important commodity in the trucking business. There is a high demand for trucking jobs in Atlanta, and young drivers are beginning to fill the gap in employment that veteran truck drivers create after retiring.

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The emergence of young truck drivers

Some trucking companies are facing the dilemma of whether or not they should prefer hiring newbie and young truck drivers to work for them. There is clearly a big employment gap left by retiring truck drivers, and a younger generation of drivers is beginning to emerge as a viable replacement. In a survey undertaken by Transport Capital Partners, it appears that many carriers are open to hire younger drivers as part of their truck-driver pool. A different survey, on the other hand, reported that about a third of dry-van trucking companies are not very keen about hiring new entry-level truck drivers, especially when the job will require long-haul transportation and driving larger carriers on the road.

Training for new entry-level truck drivers

Transportation companies are becoming more open to hiring young truck drivers, especially those lacking the required years of driving experience. One solution identified to resolve the uncertainties about whether they are capable of handling bigger trucks on the road is by providing them the necessary training. About 51% of trucking companies are expected to hire new truck drivers who are young and inexperienced to replace the aging workforce of truck drivers in the trucking industry. Training young drivers is one of the prudent measures that trucking companies can do in order to ensure that they continue to provide reliable, safe and efficient transportation services to the public. Training young truck drivers also offers the opportunity of introducing to them the new innovative logistics in the trucking industry, and make them competent in using them when delivering transportation services.

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The pros and cons of hiring young truck drivers

Every trucking company will require its truck drivers to acquire a commercial driver’s license. The license guarantees that the driver has acquired the necessary skills and education to make them competent in driving buses, trucks, tractor trailers, tow trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles. The license may not suffice, however, and trucking companies need to provide the necessary training for better competency of young and inexperienced truck drivers. This will entail additional costs for employee training, but may be necessary to ensure the safety of your transportation services.

Hiring young truck drivers can benefit your company, especially when your transportation services provide long-haul driving and management of heavy trucks. Young drivers have better fitness and stamina to withstand the stress of long driving, and their reflexes are better when maneuvering heavy trailers or tractors. Truck drivers may also provide assistance in loading goods, and young truck drivers are more efficient at performing this task.

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