Why Truck Driving Can be a Promising Career

Why Truck Driving Can be a Promising Career

Not everyone understands that truck driving can be a promising career. Many trucking companies in Atlanta are paying more for truck driver services these days. Aside from the crisis of the truck-driver shortage in past years, commercial trading in the United States has become a booming industry with tracking companies high in demand for their transportation services. In order to meet the growing trade and commerce needs in the United States, trucking companies need to employ more skilled truck drivers to meet the increasing demands for their services.

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Truck-driving options

The best thing about pursuing a truck-driving career is the fact that you don’t need to finish a degree to become a professional truck driver. The basic requirements are that you need to obtain your commercial driver’s license and have very good driving skills. Many successful drivers started from a simple job of driving small dry-van carriers and gradually upgraded their skills to be able to drive a tractor trailer and bigger vehicles. You can also pursue an employment for short-haul trucking if you do not want to be driving longer hours on the road.

There are a lot of options that a truck driver has in pursuit of a professional truck-driving career. Employment is not scarce and, in fact, truck drivers are quite in demand these days. It is easier to build a promising career in this field when you enroll in a reputable driving school that already has a linkage with trucking companies that guarantee employment to its students. Some trucking companies are willing to send their drivers to take further training in order to enhance their driving skills and to professionally grow in their field of work.

Benefits and income prospects

A truck driver’s pay is not cheap. Truck drivers enjoy a competitive compensation program that comes with loads of benefits, such a health insurance coverage, retirement benefits, performance-based bonuses, investment plans and other incentives on top of their basic pay. They are also protected by law to enjoy paid days off and are entitled to spend more time with their family.

Truck drivers may potentially earn an average of $71,500 in annual income. It can go higher if one takes jobs with long hours of driving plus bonuses. Over-the-road drivers tend to earn more because they spend long hours on the road — the kind of driving skills required when driving large trucks. Specialty drivers are also earning more because they haul oversized loads and transport hazardous materials.

Within the specialty field, ice-road truckers receive the highest pay because it is a high-risk job. Coal mine truckers are also earning higher paychecks. Oversize-load drivers also make a good, comfortable living. Large trucking companies offer a very competitive figure in compensating truck drivers based on their skills, experience and type of trucks driven. You can find many good-paying Atlanta trucking companies that are willing to offer a weekly or monthly pay basis. Truck driving can offer a comfortable life to those who are serious enough to pursue this career path.

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